Jose M. Rojas

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst & Co-Founder


Jose Miguel counts with an enhanced academic, research and enterprise background, and has been rated as the most-well rounded data visualization professional in several companies due to his almost 8 years of experience in technology industry. Some of his most prominent professional skills are in the areas of business intelligence, data warehousing, knowledge management, data science and data visualization.

Among his hands-on architectural skills are the transformation of large amounts of data in order to derive actionable insights that match the velocity of sales and marketing business needs. He also developed a robust data processing pipeline for ingestion, cleansing, processing, analysis and visualization of new and existing data.

Jose Miguel is an expert in Power BI, Microsoft’s flagship visualization tool and has built many dashboard solutions for executives throughout his career.


Data Visualization100%
Business Intelligence95%
Data Base Architecture85%
Deep Learning75%